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...a pirate's life for me!
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Weaponry 4 - Dog Days - p20 by tarorae
Weaponry 4 - Dog Days - p20
Thank you to those who gave feedback on the questions I posted on last week's page. I didn't get enough responses to really make any decisions. So, I ask again:

Do you ever use the following:
1) check the comic on the host site? (
2) Visit the Forums?
3) Use/view/buy from the BigCartel Shop?

And a new question:
4) How do you read the comic? Do you check in weekly? Do you let the pages build up and read a chunk at once? Do you check in on schedule, or wait for a posted link (Facebook/Tumblr/dA Group/reblog or reshare)?

Thanks for taking the time to answer! Understanding how you glorious readers are using and enjoying the comic can help me make decisions for advertising and hosting in the future.
Weaponry 4 - Dog Days - p19 by tarorae
Weaponry 4 - Dog Days - p19
Adair and Miniver sitting in a tree!

Alright, so with this page comes to my attention that the navigation is (again!) broken on the host site. Between my lack of coding skills, the limitations of the coders I've hired and dwindling/silent usage of those who use the host site - I have some tough questions to ask of you all:

Do you ever use the following:
1) check the comic on the host site?
2) Visit the Forums?
3) Use/view/buy from the BigCartel Shop?

I am having some financial difficulties, and it may become necessary to shut down my comics site. Would this be an impediment? If the BigCartel site were to be closed, would you be interested in/feel comfortable purchasing Weaponry merchandise from me directly via Paypal?

Please note, the comic would continue to be posted (SFW pages only) on DeviantART, and all pages (including NSFW) on SmackJeeves.

Please take the time to let me know how you read my comic so that I can continue to serve you as best as possible under these new constraints.

Thank you for reading, and taking the time to offer your feedback!
Weaponry 4 - Dog Days - p18 by tarorae
Weaponry 4 - Dog Days - p18
On the eve of his 16th birthday, he'd prick his finger on a spindle...

I do not enjoy drawing spinning wheels, but - fun piece of trivia: My name, Crompton, means "makers of spinning wheels", so somewhere in my history, that's what my family did.

For those of you who have read the print version of Chapter 1, you will likely recognise those three young men. You'll get to see them in action in the bonus comic that comes with this chapter (Glittering Clouds).
Weaponry 4 - Dog Days - p17 by tarorae
Weaponry 4 - Dog Days - p17
Cue the Flashback machine.

Time for Arrow to explain a bit of where he came from. For those of you getting the print volume, the bonus comic will be "Glittering Cloud" and will be the backstory for Laird & Miniver (his sister). So, look forward the the full story there.
Weaponry 4 - Dog Days - p16 by tarorae
Weaponry 4 - Dog Days - p16
Alright! I'm still sick and it took three times as long as usual, but hopefully it looks alright!

No truffle oil remains.

Scene change! So, this is pretty much what Cannon does. Yes, he's actually a registered priest with the Holy Cross (or, at least, he was), he could technically have a confessional if he wished. However, being the style of guy he is, he prefers casual approaches to tough subjects over mundane tasks. It's part of his charm.
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Hello Gentles and Froods,

Well, it has been a whirlwind few months. I don't think I've ever worked so hard or so ceaselessly in my entire life.

I now have 3 jobs (and an interview next week for a fourth) in the efforts to raise enough money to keep my house in the pending aftermath of my divorce. This means I'm still working full time at the warehouse, also doing cleaning services, and teaching workshops for the local community centres (on the topics of Cosplay, Writing Fiction and Making Comics).

Behind the scenes, and in between all of this, I have been struggling my way through the third print volume of Weaponry. I had a record number of errors, corrupted files, rejected proofs and typos. But I didn't want to just slap something together that wasn't quality, so I took the extra time and money to iron out all of the kinks, and I'm happy to report the order of books is en route and should arrive mid next week. In the meantime, I've been working on the incentives for everyone's contributions to the fundraiser. Some things are finished (such as the PDFs, the Shrapnel Medallions, the Art prints and bookmarks), and other things are far from (such as the wallpaper, the paper doll and the plushies). So rather than trying to wait until everything is finished, I'm going to start sending out the finished incentives piece meal. This means (hopefully) you'll be pleasantly surprised by a series of rewards over the coming months. Again, my heartfelt apologies that this is taking so much longer than previous fundraiser turnaround and the depths of all my gratitude at how AMAZING and supportive and patient everyone has been. I am so immensely grateful at what a wonderful community has grown up around this project and I hope I haven't alienated too many of you in all this waiting and drama. I know it will take some effort to draw people back into the swing of things, and even longer to attract new readers, but to those of you reading this - thank you so very much for sticking with me! I literally could not do this without you.

On that note - Chapter 4: Dog Days is now updating on all the usual haunts - here (where SFW pages allow), on Smackjeeves (having issues with resolution there, so pages are a little smaller than they used to be), and on the parent site:
Hey - notice that? the /OWC/ ending is gone again! Part of the funds from this fundraiser went towards moving the website to a hoster better capable of supporting the format. This means that I should be able to correct the navigation errors and archive problems that some of you brought to my attention and hopefully make it easier to modify and upkeep going forward. I'm working with the new techie to overhaul the crappier graphics and spruce up the site a little. The other things, like the forums and shop are still the same too.

And speaking of the shop, due to multiple requests, I'm going to start offering pdf packages of the chapters for purchase. These will be lumped packages of 3 chapter increments to make it worthwhile. They should be going up on the site later tonight.

In other news - Soulforge's radio play project Aether Beacon is getting its classy start at the end of this month at the Opulent Bazaar! Some of you may have seen the steampunk poster I did and posted here - this is the event in question. If you're in the Victoria area, I highly recommend you come out to the event. Tickets are going fast and your ticket price gets you into the venue where all manner of artisans will have their booths set up, and then beautiful and talented ladies will shimmy, titillate and strip for your enthralled amusement whilst you sample three types of Absinthe. What's not to like? To top it all off, myself and the handsome Adam Holroyd will be hosting the event in character as Professor Skylar Raynes and Master Locke Huxley for the Aether Beacon! Get this sneak peak at the show complete with costumes, props and music by Hetoreyn!

If you have any questions, like how you can enrol for one of my workshops, or where you can get tickets to the Opulent Bazaar, or what else have you been working on behind the scenes -- please feel free to ask!



Astra Crompton
Artist | Professional | Varied
Astra was born and raised in Victoria, Canada. An only child, she found ways of entertaining herself through self-taught drawing, singing, sewing, painting, writing and creating worlds for her numerous stories. The majority of Astra's art features her original fantasy characters, from Steampunk to sci-fi to high medieval fantasy genres. She is a published author for her Ul-Zaorith novels, runs multiple web comic projects, and hopes to someday put out the related table-top role-playing game Ul-Zaorith: Otherworlds for which she is already working on illustrations and writing. She also freelances for children's books illustrations, book cover design, tattoo design, game design, clothing modification and creation, and character illustration.

Current Residence: Canada/Ul-Zaorith
Favourite genre of music: alternative, contemporary, classic rock, classical, etc.
Favourite style of art: strong line-art, soft colour, dynamic manga,
Operating System: PC
MP3 player of choice: Winamp: tried, tested and true.
Favourite cartoon character: Zuko & Iroh, Jessica Rabbit, Nightwing, Wiccan & Hulkling,
Personal Quote: What is to give light must first endure burning.



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