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...a pirate's life for me!
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Quetzalcoatl by tarorae

My first results (from my Superhero Prompt Generator; feel free to click the links below to create your own!)


Power Source: Alien (…)

Gender: Bi-Gendered (…)

Sexuality: Asexual (…)

Ethnicity: Hispanic (…)

Age: Immortal (…)

Motivation: Compassion (…)

Morality: Lawful Good (…)

Backstory: Feo Mascorro doesn’t remember much of their childhood, for it was a long, long time ago. In fact, even the name Feo may not have been the first name they had, but it has been useful to keep pace with Earth’s swiftly changing mores.

Life changed the night a brilliant light fell out of the sky, like a falling star, but brighter, closer… Feo, precocious youth that he was at the time, ran to the hilltop to catch it in his hands. But what he found was the Quetzalcoatl, not a god as his people had told him, but a symbiotic being from a far off world, injured, lost and alone. When they bound together it was a beautiful transformation, full of colourful light and ethereal song that was more empyrean than meagre Earth could contain. When it ebbed away, Feo was complete in a way their language didn’t yet have words for. They were two, and now they were one.

With years, Feo came to understand the gifts Quet has shared: flight, and immortality, and the ability to see into the hearts of mortals, to know their truths intimately. Those who suffered cried out in their sleep, their souls drawing Quet like a moth to flame. Those that chose the wicked path cause the Quet in them to flare up, barbed and vicious, rending their deeds from them like filleting a fish of its bones. Some could be redeemed, those that had enough good left in them to go on living their unmade lives. Others…well, not all were worth saving, incomplete and broken beyond repair.

And so the years went on. Cities rose and fell. Heroes were born; some lived on while others perished. Some came in search of Quet for help, for judgement, for atonement. Sometimes they let these seekers come. Sometimes they took to the skies and let the years pass, singing their song out to the universe, their song of one.
Weaponry - Dog Days - Bonus Cover by tarorae
Weaponry - Dog Days - Bonus Cover

Sorry for the lack of update last week! This front cover was very detailed and so it took me longer than I had hoped. Still, it's not complete and I can return to working on the interior pages.

I now have 48 of 86 pages completed. I still need to finish drawing the bonus comic and to finish the colouring on the Shrapnel backstory, as well as the last few bonus pages.

What kind of bonus would you like to see next week?
Weaponry Chapter 4 Cover back by tarorae
Weaponry Chapter 4 Cover back
Today you get the progress from today's Livestream. It has been so long since I've used it that I had to download all new software, and the new interface seems a lot more convoluted than I remember it being. The chat feature is also a lot less user friendly. However, despite feeling really under the weather, I managed to bang out 5 hours of work on the cover. The whole thing is probably about 80% finished, which is impressive for me, as colouring it the hardest part. I got farther than I expected, but my wrist also is getting sore, so I tied it off for now.

The back cover is 100% done, though, so I thought I'd share that! Next week, I'll have the front cover for you.
Weaponry - Dog Days - Bonus cover line art by tarorae
Weaponry - Dog Days - Bonus cover line art
Spent 8 hours on this today, so I thought I'd share the progress!

This will be the cover for the print volume of Chapter 4. This will be set in the Trove, so expect a lot of golds and shiny.

Also, had fun with all their fancy outfits. :D

I was thinking of working on colours for this one during a Livestream. Would you be interested in watching that? If so, what time is best for you? (It would be a Sunday and I'm in PST).

Weaponry - Dog Days - Bonus Flashback 4 by tarorae
Weaponry - Dog Days - Bonus Flashback 4
And the grand finale of the Shrapnel-vision flashback. This is about where Gun charged in to the "rescue". I highly recommend you go back and re-read the end of Chapter 1 and the beginning of Chapter 2 again, just to see Shrapnel's conversation with Gun in a whole new light.

Also, confession time: I haven't even begun to start work on the Fundraiser. I've been working hard on the print volume...but I haven't been able to build up the enthusiasm to finish the script for the fundraiser video, let alone to start filming it, or to have set up any of the perks, or even begun the indiegogo page.

Can I get a head count of how many people actually want there to be a fundraiser? Because if no one's really jazzed on it, I can just add the plain print volume of Chapter 4 to the shop and you guys can order it direct from the publisher. It won't be signed or have any of the bells and whistles of the fundraiser, but it will be available in hardcopy for those who have been collecting the print volumes.

Things have felt pretty quiet around the comic lately, and I fear interest is waning. Since I've dedicated 10 years of my life to telling this story, I'm afraid it's becoming a sort of vanity project to an empty room. I know there are a few stalwarts that have stuck with me since day one, and to you I say Thank you from the bottom of my heart! But I simply don't have the capitol or storage space to store another hundred books when I still have issues 1 through 3 sitting around gathering dust.

If anyone has suggestions of comics where I should advertise, or places that you go to find new comics, please let me know. I really don't want Weaponry to just fade away into iniquity, but I'm terrible at marketing and don't know how to help it draw in a bigger readership. I'd like to set up a Patreon, but I have no idea what I would offer for it, or how to set up pricing. If any of your are Patrons, what do you usually see for comic artists? What do you expect to get for your donations?

Thanks for all your help!
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Ladies and gentlemen!

After 15 years of hard labour -- mapping out an entire world, learning languages, culture, history, fashion, cuisine, religions, flora and fauna -- I am proud to present Legend of the Quill - Book one of The Prophet's Tale!

In order to take this epic tale of adventure to print, I'm running a Pubslush campaign to fund the Offset printing. This would enable 500 copies to go to print in a glorious, Canadian-made, deluxe embossed, illustrated and signed limited edition.

In order for that to happen, I need your help!

Please check out the campaign:
Pitch in whatever you can, share the link, tell your friends, get this thing out there and seen!

Are you a fan of the arts? Do you like gritty high fantasy like Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings or The First Law? Do you like cool swag like bookmarks, audiobooks, posters, custom illustrations or limited editions? Do you like world building, alien races, diverse pantheons, or in-depth magic systems? Then you should definitely check out Legend of the Quill!

Even if you can't afford to pitch in cold hard cash, you can still be a part of the magic! I'm running two raffles that are totally free to enter:
1) Share the Poster: Legend of the Quill Poster by tarorae (see the post for details)
2) Share the Link: on your social media (twitter, tumblr, dA, facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc). For each channel you post it on, you get one entry. Send me the link, and I'll reshare it on my channels as well, which means you get some return exposure. It's a win-win!

I've got only 45 days to raise $10,000 dollars. For each $1000 threshold we clear, EVERYONE who has pitched in gets automatic upgrades to their perks. It's a team effort, and everyone will be rewarded by better and more stuff the closer we get to that dream goal. Join the party and help us get one step closer to that finish line!

Thank you so much for all your support and encouragement! With your help we can make this dream come true!


Astra Crompton
Artist | Professional | Varied
Astra was born and raised in Victoria, Canada. An only child, she found ways of entertaining herself through self-taught drawing, singing, sewing, painting, writing and creating worlds for her numerous stories. The majority of Astra's art features her original fantasy characters, from Steampunk to sci-fi to high medieval fantasy genres. She is a published author for her Ul-Zaorith novels, runs multiple web comic projects, and hopes to someday put out the related table-top role-playing game Ul-Zaorith: Otherworlds for which she is already working on illustrations and writing. She also freelances for children's books illustrations, book cover design, tattoo design, game design, clothing modification and creation, and character illustration.

Current Residence: Canada/Ul-Zaorith
Favourite genre of music: alternative, contemporary, classic rock, classical, etc.
Favourite style of art: strong line-art, soft colour, dynamic manga,
Operating System: PC
MP3 player of choice: Winamp: tried, tested and true.
Favourite cartoon character: Zuko & Iroh, Jessica Rabbit, Nightwing, Wiccan & Hulkling,
Personal Quote: What is to give light must first endure burning.



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